Solid Candy Colors High Waist Pleated Double Layered Chiffon Short Skirts

High Waist Pleated Double Layered Chiffon Short Skirt 22 Colors

Colors: White, Light Purple, Purple, Pink, Black, Gray, Fuscia, Ginger, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Navy Blue, Light Beige, Tan, Red, Light Red, Wine Red, Orange, Dark Green (Click on the Color to Shop)

Total Length: 17-18” (Flat Measurement)

Material: Chiffon, 100% Polyester

Size: One Size fit all (best result for size 0 – 6)

Inches Bust Waist Bottom Perimeter Length
Fit Sizes n/a up to 39” (most stretched) 102-110” 17-18”

This is an elegant, cute, high quality solid color pleated short mini skirt. Very well made with high quality chiffon, high quality elastic band and very neat stitches. See the details from our 100% real product pictures below and a quality comparison between this skirt and the top brand name skirt. From quality to price, this skirt from Lace Girl is the best valued one among all similar products online that we’ve seen so far.

Wearing Effect
Following are a set of pictures of girls wearing the skirt, some colors may be slightly different, please refer the colors to the color details at the bottom

Check out the following product detail comparison between our brand Lace Girl and big brand AA


Color Details

Light Beige – Shop the skirt

Sapphire Blue – Shop the Skirt

White – Shop the Skirt

Red – Shop the Skirt

Purple – Shop the Skirt

Green – Shop the Skirt

Sky Blue – Shop the Skirt

Fuscia – Shop the Skirt

Light Purple – Shop the Skirt

Light Green – Shop the Skirt

Black – Shop the Skirt

Light Red – Shop the Skirt

Navy Blue – Shop the Skirt

Ginger – Shop the Skirt

Tan – Shop the Skirt

Yellow – Shop the Skirt

Gray – Shop the Skirt

Wine Red – Shop the Skirt

Orange – Shop the Skirt (Currently Sold Out)

Dark Green – Shop the Skirt (Currently Sold Out)

Pink – Shop the Skirt (Currently Sold Out)

Peacock Green – Shop the Skirt (Discontinued)

How to Purchase
Click on the colors above or follow the “Shop the Skirt” link to the product page and continue to purchase. Or simply visit to browse our fashion deals collection

Sold Out or Discontinued
Very often some color or size of certain products are sold out or discontinued by the manufacturer. In these cases and you really want the product:

Sold out: You can pre-order the product with us by contacting us directly at, the item will be shipped to you in 30 – 45 days.

Discontinued: Usually a color or size is discontinued by the manufacturer, if you and your friend can submit an order size larger than 60 of a single item, we can negotiate with the manufacturer on your behalf. This will usually require a 50% deposit of total price, this deposit will be refunded to you if our negotiation fails.


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