Fall Winter Fashion Leopard Print Knitted Woollen Hat and Scarf 2pc Set

Fall Winter Fashion Women’s Sexy Leopard Print Knitted Woollen Hat and Scarf 2pc Set

Brand: LIMEI

Color: Brown Leopard Print

Material: Terylene, Cotton


  • hat * 1
  • scarf * 1

Size: One Size fit all

Flat Measurement Length Width
Hat 11.8” 9”
Scarf 70” 7.5”


This is a well made high quality sexy leopard print 2pc winter/fall hat and scarf set. The feature leopard print element is in a retro brown color, and the scarf is featured with woollen tassels. High quality and high fashion.

Wearing Effect:

How to Purchase 
Click on the title to the product page and continue to purchase. Or simply visit http://www.jsdailydeal.com to browse our fashion deals collection

Sold Out or Discontinued 
Very often some color or size of certain products are sold out or discontinued by the manufacturer. In these cases and you really want the product:

Sold out: You can pre-order the product with us by contacting us directly at customerservice@jsdailydeal.com, the item will be shipped to you in 30 – 45 days.

Discontinued: Usually a color or size is discontinued by the manufacturer, if you and your friend can submit an order size larger than 60 of a single item, we can negotiate with the manufacturer on your behalf. This will usually require a 50% deposit of total price, this deposit will be refunded to you if our negotiation fails.


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